Commission Agreement

This Art Commission Agreement applies to the creation of a nude art portrait by artist Tobias Kruppa as commissioned by the client through the artist’s homepage and online shop, It is made effective between Tobias Kruppa and the client by the purchase of the corresponding shop listing.


As part of this agreement, Tobias Kruppa will create an artwork (“the work”) based on a photographic reference provided by the client (“the reference”). This agreement relates to the creation of work from the „Po Portrait“ (bottom portrait) series. Therefore, the reference shall depict the client’s bottom region, with sufficient lighting and recorded from a direct, undistorted point of view. The client must be the copyright owner of all reference photos submitted. No depictions of other individuals or existing works of art must be used as a reference without proper licensing and permission. 

Methodically, the work shall be implemented by Tobias Kruppa as a naturalistic graphite drawing with digital coloring. The work shall have an aspect ratio of 1:2 with portrait orientation, corresponding to DIN-formats. The color scheme of the work can be freely chosen by Tobias Kruppa as seen fit, unless otherwise specified by the client.

As part of this commission agreement, Tobias Kruppa will provide one fine art print of the work, either in DIN A4 or DIN A3 format, printed on high quality fine art paper. 

Rights and Usage

Tobias Kruppa is the exclusive holder of any and all rights in and to the work. No other individual or entity may claim any rights, title and / or interest in and to said work. In a circumspect and non-public fashion, Tobias Kruppa is permitted to commercially re-use the work and any derivatives thereof as a means to document and promote his art and his services, e.g., in a professional portfolio, art anthology, grant application, or as an example work for prospective clients to review in a private setting (e.g., in a dossier, during personal conversation). Due to the intimate nature of the artistic subject, the work shall not be displayed publicly in settings where it could be viewed indiscriminately, e.g., on Tobias Kruppa’s public website, social media channels or during public exhibitions, and shall not be re-sold to third parties in any form or medium.

The client acknowledges that any copies or prints of the work acquired as part of the commission are for private use only and may not be used for commercial purposes, including, but not limited to, marketing, advertising, or brand representation. The client acknowledges that the work may not be re-distributed or published without consent and citation of Tobias Kruppa as the originator of the work.

Tobias Kruppa confirms that the reference provided by the client will be handled fully confidentially and that all records of the reference will be deleted / destroyed upon conclusion of the work.


According to the scope detailed above, Tobias Kruppa states the workload and pricing of this commission as follows. The amount payable by the client depends on the print format chosen by the client as specified in the product listing.


Tobias Kruppa will start the work after receipt of payment of the full order amount. Tobias Kruppa agrees to complete the work within three weeks after that point in time.

Returns and Refunds

The work created by Tobias Kruppa within the framework of this agreement is excluded from exchange, reimbursement and complaints of any kind. Any later adjustments or additions to the work are not subject of this agreement. A documentation or early provision of preliminary results is not part of this agreement.