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Let your vision come to life! Commission me to create a custom artwork that reflects your sensual self.

Below, you'll find customer feedback and a guide to my commission process.

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Example artwork by Tobias Kruppa (2023), based on a reference photo by Grafit Studio

Your individual artwork

If you are interested in booking a commission with me, this page is intended as a quick guide to get started. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions and I am happy to consult with you personally!

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Your commission request, all reference pictures provided by you and the outcome of our collaboration will be handled fully confidentially. I delete all private reference photos after the conclusion of work and I never publicly share commissioned artwork without explicit permission.


My pricing is based on the complexity of the artwork and your desired outcome in terms of material, format, utilization, and style.

Reach out and I will provide you with a free quote for your commissioned artwork, depending on your specific request. My estimate will list material and labor costs as well as a flat fee for conceptual planning, printable files, or commercial licenses as needed. 

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Fixed-price packages

If you are looking for a fixed price offer with less variables to consider, have a look at my "Po Portrait" package: You will get a fine art print (DIN A4 / DIN A3) featuring a sensual graphite artwork fully dedicated to the shape of your bottom. A beautiful and empowering way to celebrate your body!



Here is a recent example of my figurative work, based on a commercial reference photo (Grafit Studio / @studiografit). My painting technique is a combination of traditional pencil drawing and digital coloring. You can find more inspiration on my Instagram channel, @licking_lion (see below).

Example for Commissioned Artwork by Tobias Kruppa

Envisioning your artwork

When you read this, you probably already have an idea of what you would like to see depicted in your individual artwork. Here are some aspects to consider which help me to provide you with an accurate estimate for your artwork:



If you have a photo, a homemade sketch or some sort of reference as a starting point for our collaboration, that's certainly helpful! If you'd like to provide photos or existing artworks as a reference, please make sure to only share them with the permission of the copyright owner and the people depicted in them! Don't worry if your personal photos are not super professional - simple snapshots from a phone camera are generally sufficient (and sometimes even better references than sophisticated studio shots). 

I will handle your reference photos fully confidentially and I will delete all records of your reference photos after the commission is finished.

If you don't have a visual reference, that's not a problem - please describe your idea in your own words and I am sure we can figure it out.


Format, Atmosphere, and Style

Next, I'd encourage you to think about the size you would like to see your individual artwork in. Is it more of an intimate piece, almost like a letter or a card, or will it be large, mounted on a wall maybe? If possible, please let me know some of the context for your art commission - e.g., is there a particular scene, atmosphere or setting it should adhere to? Also, it helps to know a little bit about the personal meaning of your motif, if you feel like sharing.

Most of my work is done in pencils and / or inks on paper with digitally added colors - you have probably seen a range of my works on Instagram or on this page. Let me know if there is a particular artwork that speaks to you and fits your personal style.



Please note that I provide art commissions for private use but also for commercial use - let me know how you intend to use my artwork so I can provide you with a corresponding quote. E.g., if you intend to use the artwork to decorate your home or to give it to someone as a present, that is a private utilization. If you need an artwork for a publication / cover art, for your professional website or for your venue, these would qualify as commercial use. If you are unsure which case applies better to you, we can clarify this question together.

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Fine Art Print or Original?

It might be worth considering whether you'd like to acquire a fine art print or an original artwork.

How to decide:

  • All things being equal, a fine art print will typically be less expensive. At the same time, it will leave you with more options regarding format, size and color. If you are thinking wall decor, this might be the way to go.
  • Owning an original artwork has an inherent magic to it - after all, this is the very piece of art that no-one else owns. So if you cherish my work and want to get the most emotional and unique value, an original artwork might be the right choice for you.

 Pencil Artwork by Tobias Kruppa of a nude female body - example illustration for art commission

Planning ahead

For each commission, I allocate a timeslot of approximately 2-3 weeks during which I work on your piece. There might be a waiting period until I start working on your commission. Afterwards, there can be shipping times of several days or even weeks depending on your location. So if you would like your custom artwork to be an anniversary gift, valentine's day gift or birthday gift, or if you need it ready in time for a certain occasion, plan ahead! E.g., for a winter holiday gift, it would make sense to reach out in September or October to be on the safe side.

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Terms and Conditions

With each commission, I provide a detailed commission agreement including the scope and timing of the work, and a comprehensive invoice with a summary of the billable items. Once I estimated the price based on a thorough discussion of your requirements, the invoice amount is payable in advance and non-refundable.


Say hello!

I hope I could give you a clear overview of my offerings regarding art commissions - please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any further questions. I would be happy to help you bring your vision to life!

You can get in touch via Email to or by using the contact form below.  (See my privacy policy for details on how I process personal data)

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