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Dr. Tobias Kruppa

Digital download: KRUPPA 12|2023 (10 artworks)

Digital download: KRUPPA 12|2023 (10 artworks)

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Enjoy this exclusive, digitised collection of my figurative nude art drawings and paintings, featuring ten of my artworks from December 2023.  By downloading this set, you can partake directly in my work and show your appreciation for my art. 

This collection includes downloadable versions of the following artworks (you will receive a download link after your purchase):

  • Ashes
  • Magnetic Rose
  • Ritual Princess
  • The Omen
  • Le Printemps
  • Light
  • Ehrenfeld Dream 01
  • Ehrenfeld Dream 02
  • Ehrenfeld Dream 03
  • Longing / The Prophecy

I digitise my traditional artworks at 1200dpi using a flatbed photo scanner to ensure authentic representation of colours and paper texture. Image files are in .jpg format and include a watermark with artwork data and artist's stamp.

The file resolution is 1080 px * 1528 px for all artworks in this collection.

For my figurative art, I regularly use photographic references provided by Grafit Studio. In other cases, I paint from imagination or resort to memorised shapes from previous studies, as indicated for the individual works.

© Dr. Tobias Kruppa, all rights reserved. Images are provided for private use only. No images from this collection may be reproduced, republished or commercially re-used.

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