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Dr. Tobias Kruppa

Magnetic Resin Tile

Magnetic Resin Tile

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This is my magnetic resin tile, serial number #1.

I manufactured it in my workshop in Cologne, Germany in 2023. It includes a print of my work "The Apparition", which I laminated and enclosed in a block of translucent epoxy resin - see the video on this page! I cast the resin block using a silicone mold, which I designed in such a way that there is space for a magnet and a small label on the back. The label includes the unique serial number.

The size of the tile is approx. 8 cm x 10 cm with a thickness of 1 cm. 

The artwork is waterproof and can be attached to all magnetic surfaces, inside or outside of the house.

All the best,

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