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Dr. Tobias Kruppa

Original Artwork "Water Nymph III (Redraw)" (2023)

Original Artwork "Water Nymph III (Redraw)" (2023)

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This artwork is unique and fully handmade. Begin a collection with this exceptional piece. A certificate of authenticity is included. 

Title: Water Nymph III (redraw), by Tobias Kruppa (2023)

Method: Ink brush pen and marker on paper (250 g/m2), with underlying pencil sketch

Size: 14.8 cm x 20 cm (< DIN A5)

About the artwork: I love to draw from imagination! Revisiting my recent studies, I recreated a pose which I found particularly alluring and created this fresh, original and fully analogue version of "Water Nymph III", using only pencil, gray COPIC marker as well as gray and black PENTEL brush pen on mixed-media drawing paper. 

Process (see second picture): I recreated the pose with a pencil drawing. I used a cutout of the base artwork to match the proportions. I emphasised the outlines using gray ink. I added two layers of gray marker to gradually create the impression of depth. Finally, I added fine strokes of black ink to add weight to the lines. 

The resulting artwork is gentle and sensual, it has a calmness and clarity which I am very fond of. It looks great in a passepartout with a 9.5 cm x 9.5 cm square cutout.

This artwork is sold without a frame. 

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