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Dr. Tobias Kruppa

Tara and the Moon

Tara and the Moon

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Two lovers come full cycle in this anecdotal series of erotic drawings.

This handmade booklet is a delicate treasure of my work. Arguably the most intimate and vulnerable artefact of my recent artistic work, the booklet covers a cycle of thirteen interconnected drawings, conveying the story of Tara and the Moon. 

You can chose between two cover styles:

  • Print Cover: The cover page is printed on matte photo paper
  • Iconic Gold Cover: Cover page is embellished with a thick, deckle-edged paper card with hand-painted gold colour 

Methodically, the thirteen artworks are combinations of pencil and ink drawings from imagination, assembled in digital collage. The artworks were digitised using an EPSON ET-8850 printer/scanner. I printed the catalogue pages on matte, double-sided brochure paper using the same machine, which offers very authentic colour representation due to the six different inks used. 

The booklet is bound by hand using thread stitching. Each issue contains a unique serial number and my signature.

Due to its artistic and narrative focus, combined with the handcrafted refinement, this booklet constitutes a truly unique token of my work.

The booklet is made to order and will take about 3-5 days to manufacture after you placed your order.

The booklet ships in a secure envelope with cardboard reinforcement.

Where applicable, references used were licensed from Studio Grafit, Yerevan.

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