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Dr. Tobias Kruppa

Coven of Corals Tarot

Coven of Corals Tarot

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This is Issue #15 of my handmade Tarot card deck, "The Coven of Corals". Indulge in a truly unique experience of divination and self-search with this intimate, handcrafted deck. Perfect for Tarot enthusiasts and erotic art collectors alike!

My deck consists of 78 erotic Tarot cards featuring my own artworks. This includes all 22 Major Arcana and 56 Minor Arcana cards, in my personal erotic, spiritual interpretation. The cards are designed, printed, glued, laminated, cut, packaged and shipped by myself.

The cards are 7cm x 12cm in size (2.75 Inches x 4.72 Inches) and weigh approximately 5.0 g each (0.17 oz). The fronts and backs of all cards are laminated with matte masking film, giving them an elegant, unobtrusive finish. The corners of all cards are rounded and the cards shuffle very well.

The cards have a unique serial number imprinted on the back and a signature stamp to verify they originate from my workshop. You will also receive a signed certificate of authenticity as you become one of the few people to own this unique Tarot set.

My erotic Tarot cards summarize my artistic work of one year. This Tarot card deck is a truly intimate collectible item and a personally meaningful token of my work.

Due to the fully manual process, there are minor variations in the cards - e.g, this may include minor flaws in the printed motifs or slightly uneven cutting profiles.

Free international shipping included. The cards will be shipped in a flat, rigid cardboard envelope via regular mail, with shipment tracking. The deck comes in an elegant cardboard box which can be used to store the cards when not in use.

Please note that you acquire this set for private use only. Any resale, republication or any commercial use of my work is strictly prohibited.

Here is a testimony by a previous buyer, @rosebaetarot, shared via Instagram:

"This deck captures the beauty in femininity and all that it embodies. The deck would be good for any level of introspective work on our sensuality, sexuality, identity, and how we view our bodies both from an outsider's perspective as well as how we see ourselves when no one is around."  


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