Neon Kruppa Tarot

Neon Kruppa Tarot

Following the great reception and detailed feedback I received regarding my first erotic Tarot card deck, The Coven of Corals Tarot, I am excited to reveal that I created a second, entirely new Tarot card deck this year.
Cards from the Neon Kruppa Tarot. All rights reserved  © Tobias Kruppa 2023

In doing so, I emphasized creative aspects which connect my artistic intentions with your helpful feedback: I designed the cards with more methodic and stylistic consistency, so they work together even better and form a self-contained collection with more inherent structure. I put more focus on the depiction of diverse body types, and created more artworks featuring male or trans masculine bodies in sensual nude poses. Following these ideas, I dedicated the last six months to the creation of 78 new artworks. Together, they form my all-new Tarot card deck, named the Neon Kruppa Tarot. It will be available starting November 1st, 2023, and can be pre-ordered now.

The Neon Kruppa Tarot by Tobias Kruppa. Sensual, erotic Tarot cards featuring nude art by Tobias Kruppa. Handcrafted in Cologne, Germany.
Cards from the Neon Kruppa Tarot. All rights reserved  © Tobias Kruppa 2023

Throughout the next days and weeks, I will introduce my new cards and the corresponding drawing process in regular blog posts on my website. This way, you can get a detailed behind-the-scenes view into the creation of my Tarot deck. You can start exploring today with the first entry about my new card, The Empress.

Here are the key facts you need to know about my upcoming Tarot card deck:

All New Art: My deck contains 78 brand new artworks which I created between January and June 2023.

Philosophy: My new Tarot deck is an intimate collection of artistic self-reflections, a canon of my inner visions and erotic desires. While I hope that my Tarot deck will speak to you as a self-contained work of art, there is no particular guidance or advice embedded in any of my cards. By no means is my card deck intended as an instrument of divination or foretelling and I cannot recommend to deduce any form of spiritual guidance from my work. 

The Name: Observing that my "Coven of Corals" Tarot was sometimes, quite fittingly referred to as the "Kruppa Tarot", I decided to pick up on this pleasantly simple naming scheme. I added the word "Neon" (greek νέον, new) to express that my card deck is a complete update and supersedes the previous cards, with a welcome association of radiant, glowing colours.

Diverse Bodies: With my new Tarot deck, I place stronger emphasis on the representation of diverse body shapes, including masculine and trans masculine bodies.

Colour Scheme: The cards in my new deck follow a coherent colour scheme which visually highlights the grouping of the cards into Major Arcana and the four suits of Minor Arcana. The colours are: Astral Purple/Turquoise for the Major Arcana cards, Earthy Gold for the Pentacles, Deep Sea Blue for the Cups, Fiery Pink for the Wands, and Airy Indigo for the Swords.
The Neon Kruppa Tarot by Tobias Kruppa. Sensual, erotic Tarot cards featuring nude art by Tobias Kruppa. Handcrafted in Cologne, Germany.
Colour scheme of the Neon Kruppa Tarot © Tobias Kruppa 2023

Style Elements: For my new Tarot deck, I designed a finer, softer card frame which leaves more room for the individual artworks, while also offering a stylistic nod to the art nouveau frame of the Coven of Corals Tarot. For the captions, I employ a typeset based on my own handwriting.

References: For most of the new artworks, I utilised commercially licensed reference photos provided by Grafit Studio, Yerevan. For a small subset of the cards, I based my artwork on licensed visuals generated by Midjourney AI or used private, proprietary reference photos. The remaining cards are done without references.

Method: Each individual artwork in my new card deck is a blend of traditional pencil drawing, digital painting and vector graphics.

Manufacturing: As with the Coven of Corals Tarot, the Neon Kruppa Tarot is going to be a fully handmade card deck, meaning that each issue of the Neon Kruppa Tarot will be manufactured by me, adhering to the processes I have established before. The card size, weight and packaging format remain the same as with my previous Tarot.

Serial Numbers: Each issue of the Neon Kruppa Tarot will bear a unique serial number inscribed on the back of each card, starting with the serial number "1" for the first set sold.

Pricing: The Neon Kruppa Tarot will be available for a fixed price of 222 EUR including international shipping.

Pre-Order: My new Tarot deck can be pre-ordered here. Pre-orders will be shipped starting on November 1st, 2023.

My previous Tarot deck: If you enjoy my Coven of Corals Tarot and would like to secure one of the remaining copies, issues #15 and #16 are still available.

Making of: All 78 artworks of my new Tarot deck are completed, and I will soon begin to share detailed work in progress documentation. You will be able to follow my documentation on this blog and via my Instagram channel, @licking_lion.

Please reach out if there is anything else you would like to know about the Neon Kruppa Tarot!
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