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Dr. Tobias Kruppa

Handmade Nude Figurine "Po (Neon Rose)", framed

Handmade Nude Figurine "Po (Neon Rose)", framed

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Here you can acquire my framed, handcrafted plaster figurine "Po (Neon Rose)", which I created in July 2023. It evokes the tangible sensation of a softly rounded, supple female butt.

This figurine emits a fiery glow and almost seems to be illuminated from the inside, which is due to the intense, neon pink foundation topped with a metallic, rosy gloss.

I cast this plaster figurine using a custom-made silicone mold in my workshop in Cologne, Germany. I used plaster of Paris as pouring medium. After letting the figurine dry completely, I coated the surface with a mix of white glue and water, before applying Neon Pink and Rose Gold acrylic colours. The figurine is mounted on a thick paper card which is placed in a 15 cm x 20 cm x 2 cm wooden frame with a mat.

The figurine ships safely in cushioned cardboard container. The shipment container is fully discreet and does not contain any brand name etc.

Please reach out if you would like to know more about this piece!


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