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Dr. Tobias Kruppa

Original Artwork "Lust (I See You With My Eyes Closed)" (2023)

Original Artwork "Lust (I See You With My Eyes Closed)" (2023)

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This artwork is unique and handmade. Start a collection of my nude art with this personally meaningful piece. A certificate of authenticity is included. 

Title: "Lust (I See You With My Eyes Closed)", by Tobias Kruppa (2023)

Method: Ink brush pen and marker on paper (250 g/m2), with underlying inkjet sketch

Size: 14.8 cm x 21 cm (DIN A5)

About the artwork: When I create nude art, I express my inner visions - fuelled by my appreciation of the female form and a sense of eroticism. Reaching out into the invisible, this drawing reflects the bewildering reality of my inner pictures.

Process: I created a series of quick coloured pencil studies to develop the arched gesture. I then scanned and re-printed my favourite version of the gesture on a fresh sheet of paper and refined it, using 4B pencil. The refined pencil sketch was scanned again and printed lightly on a piece of 250g heavy, mixed media drawing paper, on which I then applied ink (Pentel Brush Pen Gray and Black) and marker (COPIC Toner Gray T1, T2) to fully articulate my vision. Throughout the process, I painted over the face, which I later amended by pasting a patch of white drawing paper on the area of the face - evoking the impression of a wide-eyed, direct look into the observer's face.

This artwork is sold without a frame. 

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